What Are the Features That a Pasta Maker Must Have?

If you are the kind of person who loves to gorge on noodles and pasta and also like that it should be homemade stuff, then you definitely need to invest in a pasta maker. With a pasta maker at home, you can make fresh and hygienic noodles and pasta that are free from any type of added preservatives and can be customised according to your preference.

A pasta maker is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used to make various types of noodles, momos, pasta and gujiya. If you are willing to invest in a good pasta maker, there are different features of pasta maker you need to look for.

Electric or Manual Pasta Makers

You need to make a choice between manual and electric pasta makers. Manual ones need to be clamped on a flat surface to function properly, so you need to see if you have enough width on the counter top or the place where you want to clamp it. Also, you should be comfortable in holding the dough and turning the crank at the same time while operating it. If you want an extrusion model of pasta maker, then it comes exclusively in electric models. In this kind of machines, you have the option of a device that does all the work right from extruding to kneading and mixing automatically, but it comes for a high cost.

Different Types of Pasta Rollers

Commonly, most of these pasta makers come equipped for rolling out either spaghetti or few types of pasta. To roll out other types, you need to use some attachment or a cutting device. So, before buying, find out what all shapes of pasta can be rolled out and what all extra attachments are compatible with it.

Right Material

A pasta maker needs to be sturdy, so go for a material that provides it with a sturdier finish. They are available in both plastic and metal. It goes without doubt that metal is better than plastic. In metal also, there is a choice of steel and chrome plated. Steel is resistant to rust and hence better, while the chrome-plated model needs careful maintenance in order to prevent rusting.

Separate Accessories

There are few attachments that come along with the machine, but there are many other accessories that can function as a separate entity. For instance, you can roll out the sheet from the pasta maker for ravioli and then use a ravioli press to get the desired shape. So, before buying one, see what accessories come along with the machine.

After-Sales and Warranty

This is of paramount importance to check. You will definitely not want to buy from a manufacturer who cannot provide you with the service in case of a breakdown. So, always check if the manufacturer has a wide coverage of after-sales service and maintenance centres. Also, go for a pasta maker model that offers the maximum warranty. It keeps you tension-free in case anything goes wrong.

Buying a pasta maker is a wise investment if you are fond of eating home-made pasta and noodles and often keep investing on home appliances. It let’s you enjoy hygienic and fresh produce that can also be customised according to your preference.

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