Benefits of Using 1/2 inch Chi Flat Curling Iron

The CHI Flat Curling Iron is one of the most popular of the curling irons among customers. This original 1/2″ CHI curling iron, is an extremely flexible tool with a good quality of thin ceramic panels, specialised to give its users tightest of curls and to allow the styling of thin, fragile and even short hair. It has an ergonomic design which makes it very versatile. It is also very slim in size and is a perfect pro styling tool for creating curls, waves, and short lifts in the salon even or at home by the users. The ceramic panels are work on the basis of ions, emitting soft ceramic heat and radiating ions that are negative in nature for the purpose of neutralizing the harsh effects of positive ions.

This CHI curling iron (1/2”) exhibits fast flash-heating and is capable of re-heating in 6-10 seconds for quick, effective use. Infrared heat embeds itself in molecules of water within the hair shafts, which helps to hydrate and repel the ill effects of humidity.

Also, the CHI curling iron (1/2”) comes with a heavy-duty power cord, measuring ten feet in length and exhibits the property of a 360° swivel motion, which helps to prevent the wire from tangling while the iron is in use which may cause problems for the user. For ease of use, the curling iron also has an on/off switch at the side of the iron which makes using it much easier. The curling iron is also much lighter than the other curling iron models.

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